Company profile

Vissers Executive Security Services is specializes in acute service and for the business market. We guarantee a fast specialist repressive and/or preventive approach to crime. We have the strength to act adequately at the time and place where it is desired. Vissers Executive Security Services is not tied to any other organization. This guarantees an objective and expert approach. The interests of the client are always central and are closely monitored by us. Vissers Executive Security Services can be used for many purposes in the field of security and investigative activities. It goes without saying that the people who work for us all have the necessary diplomas and experience. They are all well trained in the research or security area in which they are deployed.

The Security Department focuses on the business market and offers its services in the field of consultancy, object security, security driving and transport security.

The Investigation Department focuses on the business market and non-profit organizations and investigates fraud. You can call on us for matters such as theft, embezzlement, unlawful absenteeism and forgery. We are also one of the few investigation agencies in the Netherlands that deal with housing fraud. Vissers Executive Security Services also conducts forensic investigations in both financial and digital areas. Vissers Executive Security Services is recommended by the American Consulate and the Canadian Embassy for fingerprinting. For a security clearance, doing business abroad, a permit application or emigration, we ensure that the necessary documents are filled in correctly. We will also take your fingerprints when you follow a flight training course ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In addition to the preventive and repressive approach, Vissers Executive Security Services also provides training and education. Various educations/training have been and are provided by us for the government, semi-government, non-profit organizations and business.